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Today, such a service is gaining popularity in the business lending spectrum, like factoring. Almost every financier at least once in his life wondered “What is factoring?”. To give an exhaustive answer to this question, within the framework of this article, we offer to characterize this service and discuss its features. Financial factoring is a variant of lending to small and medium-sized businesses, which provides the seller with an opportunity to further collect debt from the buyer. That is, the supplier company transfers the debts of the debtor to the factoring company acting as an intermediary, and she, in turn, is engaged in the return of funds.

Internal factoring is characterized by the presence in one country of a factoring company and parties under sales contracts.

  • Factoring without recourse is a transaction in which the factor buys from the client the rights to amounts that will subsequently be collected from the debtor company. The peculiarity of this type of factoring is that if the debt cannot be covered in full, the factoring company pays its client this amount.
  • Factoring with recourse is in its turn a service in which the factor buys from the client the rights to the amounts that the debtor must pay, but if the debt is not fully available, then the client who assigns the debt is obligated to pay the rest of the funds to the factoring company. With factoring invoices offered the options now.
  • Closed and open factoring is a source of financing, which happens either without notice or with notification of the assignment of the debtor.


Now we will discuss what stages of factoring you need to go through in order to get financing. The process of factoring proceeds in 5 stages. The first stage is the provision of goods or services to the customer with a deferred payment. Further, if the client detects debt on the loan, the seller sends documents confirming the debt to the factoring company. Then the factor covers the debt of the buyer, after which the owed company must make payment for the goods or services provided. The last stage is the conduct of negotiations between the creditor and the debtor, during which they must resolve a number of financial issues with each other.


How to choose a supplier for the urgent transport of goods?

There are today different transport solutions for a company wishing to send a fold, a parcel, merchandise. in a reduced time. However, like many, you will soon realize that the quality levels and the express rates offered by the service providers are very different.

You are looking for a company to transport your goods. But you are not sure which type of carrier you will have to choose? You do not know which criteria to make your choice?

Here are three main tips so you do not go wrong in choosing a transportation company.

Transport “without breaking the load”

When you need load board for truckers for a delivery with an imperative time. Privilege a custom express shipping company. Real dedicated transport, the driver removes your goods and the book in stride. No detour to other customers and no risk of delay, loss or breakage of your goods.

A competent transport company

One of the main distinguishing criteria for transport companies is their experience in the sector. A company that has been in this express transport business for several years acquires significant know-how. Indeed she was faced with different cases. This experience in the express transport allows him, thus, to face any situation.

These professionals will also be able to rely on their material and human resources to guarantee express delivery times.

When deciding on the choice of your partner carrier, it is necessary to take into account the reliability of this one.

Unfortunately, there are many dishonest companies on the market.

Indeed, they have no qualms about committing fraud and breaking the law.

So minimize the risk and check the information from reliable sources.

  • Check the information of the company – type his name on a search engine (Google, Yahoo …)


  • Validate that it is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry


  • Check especially, that it is well registered in the register of carriers. If the carrier does not have “the right papers”, i.e. the official documents giving the right to exercise the activity in the field of transport logistics, beware. To check click here   or


  • Check that it is covered by an insurance policy. Do not hesitate to call, yourself, the insurance company. This will avoid any inconvenience.

However, it is relevant that the decision on carrier choice should be made after thorough verification of all elements. This can reduce the risk of theft or fraud.

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